WP4 Technology for Eco-Safe Exploration in the Arctic


Geoscientific exploration of the Arctic will meet challenges partly different from those we know from exploration of the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea. We will develop the best possible geophysical data acquisition strategies to use – both with respect to the environment and  the  data  quality  –  during  initial  exploration,  and,  subsequent  static  and  dynamic reservoir characterization.

Main Goals

Norway is one of the leading nations worldwide in developing improved geophysical technology. The project will consider and build on “state-of-the-art” technology as the initial strategy for the geophysical exploration of the Arctic. Key research topics are: Constraints for geophysical exploration in ecological vulnerable areas, Acquisition and processing of seismic data from sea ice, snow and snow-covered land, Remote sensing technology in support of seismic within and close to sea ice.

Pictures from Tor Arne Johansens experiment in Svea in 2016, with additional support from Eni. 

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