Technology for eco-safe exploration in the Arctic

Geoscientific exploration of the Arctic will meet challenges partly different from those we know from exploration of the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea. We will develop the best possible geophysical data acquisition strategies to use – both with respect to the environment and  the  data  quality  –  during  initial  exploration,  and,  subsequent  static  and  dynamic reservoir characterization.

Main Goals

Norway is one of the leading nations worldwide in developing improved geophysical technology. The project will consider and build on “state-of-the-art” technology as the initial strategy for the geophysical exploration of the Arctic. Key research topics are: Constraints for geophysical exploration in ecological vulnerable areas, Acquisition and processing of seismic data from sea ice, snow and snow-covered land, Remote sensing technology in support of seismic within and close to sea ice.

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New article: Acoustic generation of underwater cavities—Comparing modeled and measured acoustic signals generated by seismic air gun arrays

The paper "Acoustic generation of underwater cavities—Comparing modeled and measured acoustic signals generated by seismic air gun arrays" by Babak Khodabandeloo, Martin Landrø and Alfred Hanssen has been published in the latest issue of The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. Abstract: Underwater vapor cavities can be generated by acoustic stimulation. When the acoustic…Read More »

New publication in Marine and Petroleum Geology

The paper "Deep-seated faults and hydrocarbon leakage in the Snøhvit Gas Field, Hammerfest Basin, Southwestern Barents Sea", by Mohammed S. Mohammedyasin, Stephen Lippard, Kamaldeen Omosanya, Ståle Johansen and Dicky Harishidayat at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, has been accepted in Marine and Petroleum Geology. Highlights Faults in the study area are dip-slip normal faults. Deep-seated faults…Read More »

New article in press: Magmatic activity in the Barents Sea

Kamaldeen Omosanya, Ståle Johansen and Peter Abrahamson, NTNU have a new article in press at Marine and Petroleum Geology. Read more here and here. The article can be downloaded from the link in the reference below. Omosanya, K.O., Johansen, S.E., Abrahamson, P. (2016): Magmatic activity during the breakup of Greenland-Eurasia and fluid-flow in Stappen High, SW Barents…Read More »

2015 ARCEx Conference

During the one and a half day long conference, 55 participants attended more than twenty interesting lectures at Sydspissen Hotell, in addition to updates from all five WP-leaders during the icebreaker event.Read More »

Presenting PhD student Terje Solbakk

Read and learn more about PhD student Terje Solbakk and his work at NTNU.Read More »

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