WP2 Petroleum Systems and Play Concepts

Detailed knowledge on basin characteristics, summarized in detailed paleogeography reconstructions will improve prediction of the resource potential of the Arctic Basins. WP2 develops a strong research-based activity in studies of petroleum systems and play concepts within the Barents Sea and northernmost Atlantic basins and their pan-Arctic counterparts. The economic shelf plays in the Barents Sea conform to traditional Norwegian continental shelf plays; we will explore these play concepts conceptually and expand into new frontiers of exploration both geographically and by knowledge-building.

The WP2 studies, integrated with regional dataset of WP1, will focus on: Onshore-offshore stratigraphy and tectonic links, Hydrocarbon source and fluid flow, Reservoir studies, Trap and seal analysis, Quantitative analysis of petroleum systems and plays.

Main Goals

Within a stratigraphic and tectonic perspective improve the onshore offshore link of the basin fills in the Greater Barents Sea region and nearby Arctic basins. By using high quality, quantitative and new acquired data on the basin formations and evolutions will give a better understanding for their impacts on petroleum systems. Finally the aim is to establish play concepts for the different basins.

WP2 news