WP3 Environmental Risk Management

The exploration and development of resources in the Arctic is often characterized as involving a greater risk and severity of impacts to the environment relative to many other regions. This requires development of new environmental risk management approaches tailored to the unique exploration and future operational challenges for Arctic areas.

The aim of the Environment component of the Centre is to provide essential knowledge and methodology for eco-safe exploration in the high north. Eco-safe refers to the use of best available technology and practices in order to minimize impacts and risks to the Arctic environment.

Main Goals
The research performed in WP3 will produce new insight for industry on two key questions:
1. What is the potential for ecosystem impacts in the Arctic?
2. Which areas and time periods should be prioritized for exploration activities?

  • Obtain new knowledge and data on Arctic ecosystems and food webs
  • Obtain new knowledge and data on the sensitivity of key species to petroleum discharges within northern ecosystems
  • Identify priority areas and time periods for exploration activities in the north
  • Develop a theoretical risk uncertainty framework for the Arctic
  • Recommend geophysical data acquisition strategies minimizing the impact on living organisms

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