WP1 Basin Analysis

The understanding of the regional geology and tectonic evolution in the Barents Sea region will be enhanced. The new, partly quantitative, understanding of basin development and petroleum systems will provide a better basis to assess the petroleum potential and reduce exploration risk in the north.

We will build on results from previous and ongoing research projects (many funded through the PetroMaks/PetroMaks II programs; e.g. PETROBAR, GlaciPet, DemoCen, GlaciBar, BarRock, BarMod) and knowledge established through regional exploration in the north so far. We have a tradition of working closely together with international partners, in particular Russian scientists having key data and knowledge about the eastern, central and northern Barents Sea.

An integrated multidisciplinary research team, including among others geologists, geophysicists and modelers, will be established to address the key tasks of WP1, which are: Linking sedimentary basins to deep structure, Basin evolution, Cenozoic uplift and erosion, Source-to-sink, Numerical and analogue modeling, Arctic petroleum basins – beyond the Barents Sea.

WP1 news