ARCEx – a multi-disciplinary research centre

ARCEx consists of a complex research program covering complementary subject fields such as geology, environmental risk and technology. Education and training is an integrated part of ARCEx.

ARCEx is sub-divided into the following work packages addressing these research objectives.

WP1&2 Geology: Provide a better basis to assess the petroleum potential and reduce exploration risk in the Barents Sea. Linking scales (both vertically and laterally), geological processes and offshore-onshore tectonostratigraphic relationships. Integrating and synthesizing results from ARCEx and complementary projects with focus on timing, causes and implications of basin development and petroleum systems

WP3     Environmental risk management: to develop new environmental risk management approaches tailored to the unique exploration and future operational challenges for Arctic areas.

WP4     Technology for eco-safe exploration in the Arctic: to develop the best possible geophysical data acquisition strategies to use – both with respect to the environment and data quality.

WP5     Education and outreach: to offer international top-level petroleum geology, geophysics, biology and ecotoxicology education and to ensure that highly competent candidates will provide a pool of experts for the industry and academia.