Terje Solbakk

 Terje Solbakk
Affiliation: Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Job description:PhD Fellow
Email: terje.solbakk@ntnu.no

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Project description:

Geophysical imaging of prospects and reservoirs with chemical weathering porosity, based on data from field analogues on Svalbard and Greenland.

The majority of Norwegian oil and gas discoveries have been proven in chalk and sandstone reservoirs. Recently, new hydrocarbon discoveries have been made in new plays. In 7120/3-1 “Gohta” and 7220/11-1 “Alta”, oil and gas have been proven in reservoir rocks with good secondary porosity. This secondary porosity comes from chemical dissolution of the bedrock, mainly by karstification of carbonate rocks, but also from chemical weathering together with fractured basement e.g. 16/1-15. These types of reservoirs are little investigated on the Norwegian shelf. One of the challenges in the exploration of such reservoirs is to understand the heterogenic distribution of secondary porosity. In this project we intend to increase the general understanding of these types of reservoirs and to understand reservoir and porosity distribution by using geophysical data. To do this we will combine interpretation of seismic data with well data, and use forward modeling and inversion. We will also compare our work with relevant onshore analogs and thus get a calibration of our geophysical results. This is how we will establish a better understanding of the play models through enhanced reservoir understanding. This again may potentially lead to a higher success rate in exploration and an improved field development.