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The Research Centre for Arctic Petroleum Exploration, ARCEx, is a research collaboration between academia (6 universities and 4 research institutes) and industry (8 energy companies) with support from the Research Council and Norwegian authorities. Through a common effort, we contribute to the understanding of the geology and resource potential of the high north, we develop new geophysical exploration techniques suitable for the Arctic, and we develop new models for environmental risk connected to operations in the north. Education and training is an integrated part of ARCEx.


Forlandsundet Graben

Text and photos by Niklas Schaaf. From the 1st to the 16th of August 2017 Niklas Schaaf (UiO/UNIS), three field assistants and his supervisor Per...

The late Permian Kapp Starostin Formation on southern Dickson Land –...

Text by Kristine Larssen. In mid-late August, master student Kristine Larssen (UiT/UNIS) and her two field assistants, Niklas Schaaf (UiO/UNIS) and arctic nature guide Hilde...


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