ARCEx is hiring a PhD candidate in source rock sedimentology and geochemistry to work in Tromsø at UiT the Arctic University of Norway. The application deadline is 13 January 2017.

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The position’s field of research/research project and other duties

The PhD project focus on sedimentological characterization and geochemical analysis of potential source rocks in the Barents Sea, with emphasis on the Upper Paleozoic to Mesozoic succession. One of the main objectives is to improve our understanding of source rocks alternative to the traditional Upper Jurassic interval. Important tasks in the project is thus to systematically investigate depositional palaeo-environments, controls on source rock potential, source rock type and parameters, as well as richness and hydrocarbon yield potential for some selected source rock intervals, both at regional and local scales.

In order to achieve these objectives, the candidate will perform high-resolution sedimentological facies analyses of core and outcrop data, analyse trace metals of both bulk sediment samples and pyrite framboids, and combine these with organic geochemical data (Rock Eval, d13C and d15N isotopes etc.). Where feasible, seismic data will aid in the development of source rock distribution-maps and sequence stratigraphic models.

The candidate will be provided with previously collected material, but will also collect new data through fieldwork in Svalbard and sampling of core material from selected wells on the Barents Shelf. Some samples will be analyzed by international laboratories, but many samples are also expected to be processed and analyzed by the candidate.