ARCEx partner University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) is hiring a PhD candidate in Petroleum Geology (geological controls on pore pressure in exhumed basins). The application deadline is 13 January 2017.

For more information and how to apply, please refer to the full announcement.

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Description of the vacant position

We seek a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual with strong academic ambitions that has the ability to work successfully within a large project team within ARCEx. The candidate will develop state-of-the-art skills in regional scale and well-based pore pressure analysis in the context of hydrocarbon exploration on the Barents shelf. The PhD will mostly work with well and seismic data in the UNIS seismic interpretation lab, which offers modern work stations and relevant software (Petrel, Techlog, T7, RokDoc etc.).

The work will focus on understanding the geological controls of the present-day pore pressure distribution on the Norwegian part of the Barents shelf, including onshore Svalbard:

Use pressure and wireline data from all available wells in the Barents Sea and construct regional- and basin-scale/macro-area pressure regime maps.
Link of observed pressure with the geological evolution of the area.
Map trap types and distribution, and classify trapping styles with emphasis on retention potential and areal distribution.
Quantify shale rock properties based on wireline and relevant core data and classify based on sealing capacity, and place these in a sequence stratigraphic framework.
Conduct trap and seal (both top and lateral seal) analysis to identify impacts of seal breaching in different scenarios (e.g., preferential leakage of hydrocarbon phase, effects of multiple charge episodes etc.)
Contribute to the understanding of under-pressure development in the northern part of the Barents Shelf (i.e., Fingerdjupet Sub-Basin, Svalbard) and implications for hydrocarbon prospectivity.
Combine exploration and production data with analogue databases to develop predictive tools for segmentation and pore pressure development.

2006 - ferdigstillelse.
Photo: UNIS