Congratulations to Dr. Babak Khodabandeloo!

Dr. Babak Khodabandeloo has today, Tuesday 21 August 2018, successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis «Modeling and Characterizing Acoustic Signals from Cavity Clouds Generated by Marine Seismic Air-Gun Arrays – Implications for Marine Mammals» at the Department of Geoscience and Petroleum, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

A big congratulations to Dr. Khodabandeloo on the completion of the degree of Philosophiae Doctor!

The assessment committee consisted of Professor Michele Pipan, University of Trieste, Italy, Professor Tor Arne Johansen, University of Bergen, and Professor Børge Arntsen, NTNU.

Babak Khodabandeloo was supervised by Professor Martin Landrø, Department of Electronic Systems, NTNU, and Professor Ståle Emil Johansen, Geoscience and Petroleum, NTNU was the co-supervisor.

Dr. Babak Khodabandeloo with his supervisors and assessment committee. From left: Prof. Martin Landrø, Prof. Tor Arne Johansen, Dr. Babak Khodabandeloo, Prof. Børge Arntsen, and Prof. Michele Pipan.
Babak Khodabandeloo defending his thesis with his first opponent, Prof. Michele Pipan.
Babak Khodabandeloo being examined by Prof. Tor Arne Johansen.