ARCEx is looking forward to welcoming you to its third Annual Conference, at the Malangen Resort (close to Tromsø), 10-11 May 2017. 

We will present ongoing activities, achievements and results in the research fields covered by ARCEx. The ARCEx General Assembly will take place during the conference. 


Wednesday, 10 May

10:00 Bus from UiT Department of Geosciences, Naturfagbygget, Dramsveien 201, Tromsø

10:15 Bus from Tromsø city centre / Prostneset 

10:30 Bus from Tromsø Airport to Malangen Resort 

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch

13:00 – 15:00 Session 1

Keynote #1:  “The Upper Paleozoic carbonate platforms of Spitsbergen and the Barents Shelf: facies, tectonics and link to climate – a manual for further studies”, Prof. Lars Stemmerik, University of Copenhagen, S. Olaussen, J.B. Kristensen, M. Matysik, A. Smyrak-Siroka, and T. Sorento

1) “Oil and gas resources in the Arctic from a geological perspective”, S. Olaussen

2) “Can metamorphic phase changes in the lower crust help explain the repeated uplift and subsidence of the Loppa High area through time”, K. Indrevær, S. Gac, R. Gabrielsen, and J.I. Faleide

3) “Mid/late Devonian-Carboniferous collapse basins along the SW Barents Sea margin”, J.B. Koehl, S.G. Bergh, T. Henningsen, and J.I. Faleide

15:00 – 15:30 Break

15:30 – 17:15 Session 2

Keynote #2: “Do naval sonar disturb whales?”, Dr. Lise Doksæter Sivle, Institute of Marine  Research, Bergen

4) “Quantifying whale detection uncertainty in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) observations”, A.S. Aniceto, M. Biuw, U. Lindström, S.A. Solbø, F. Broms, and J. Carroll 

5) “Numerical modelling of acoustically induced underwater cavities from seismic air-gun arrays  “, B. Khodabandeloo, M. Landrø, and A. Hanssen

6) “On beautiful bubbles and bothersome buckling: the interplay between numerical models and observational constraints”,  A. Hanssen

17:30 – 19:00 Posters & Pints

“Marine mammal survey methods using UAV technology”, A.S. Aniceto, M. Biuw, U. Lindstrøm, S.A. Solbø, and Carroll, J.

“Geological Controls on Pore Pressure Regimes on the Barents Shelf”, T. Birchall

“Predicting Harp Seal body density with an Artificial Neural Network”, R. Dillon

“Latest Permian/earliest Triassic folds & thrusts on the Loppa High”, K. Indrevær, R.H. Gabrielsen, A. Bugge, and J.I. Faleide

“Spitsbergen and Greenland Paleogene Basins”, M. Jochmann

“Efficiency of bubble curtains in mitigating lateral acoustic emissions from seismic air-gun arrays”, B. Khodabandeloo

“Late Carboniferous salt tectonics in the southwesternmost Nordkapp basin”, J.B. Koehl, T.E. Kvanli, M.G. Rowan, and J.I. Faleide

“Seismic on Ice: A comparison between analytical approaches and forward modeling and what we can learn for exploration”, M. Landschulze

“Late Cenozoic paleoenvironment and erosion estimates for the NE Svalbard continental margin – preliminary results”, A. Lasabuda, W.H. Geissler, J.S. Laberg, S.M. Knutsen

“Benthic macrofauna and bioturbation during the Arctic spring bloom”, N. Morata, B. Oleszczuk, E. Michaud, M. Kędra, P. Renaud

“From transpression to transtension along the W. Barents margin; the Forlandsundet Basin, W. Svalbard”, P.T. Osmundsen, T.F. Redfield, M. Ganerød, T.R. Appleyard, and G. Perón-Pinvidic

“Automatic Mapping of Sea Ice using Unmanned Aircrafts”, A. Sivertsen

“Geophysical mapping of karstified carbonates”, T. Solbakk, C. Fichler, S.E. Lauritzen, W. Wheeler, P. Ringrose, T. Svånå, and S.E. Johansen

“Potential amplitude pitfalls in shallow reservoirs with complex burial history – An example from Hoop, Barents Sea”, R. Tømmerbakke, T.A. Johansen and N.E. Bakke

“High-end Technology Meets a Well-Established Sampling Technique: Advances of Combining an Acoustic Zooplankton and Fish Profiler With Short-Term Sediment Traps”, I. Wiedmann, M. Geoffroy, M. Daase

“Quantifying progradation rates of modern shorelines for application in source-to-sink studies”, T. Aadland

20:00 Conference dinner

Thursday, 11 May

09:00 – 10:25  Session 3

Keynote #3: “Risk analysis: Foundations and Arctic applications”, Assoc. Prof.  Roger Flage, UiS

7) “Risk management in operations of petrochemical plants: Can better planning prevent major accidents and save money at the same time?”, I. Damjanovic and W.  Røed

8) “Simulating oil spill impacts on the Northeast Arctic cod fishery”, JoLynn Carroll, APN

10:25 – 10:45 Break

10:25 – 11:30  Session 3, cont.

9) “Some preliminary results from the ARCEx cruise 2016”, Ingrid Wiedmann

10) “Arctic benthic communities structure  and functioning during spring ice conditions”, N. Morata, M. Kedra, E. Michaud, B. Oleszczuk, P:E. Renaud

11:30 – 12:30 Lunch

12:30 – 13:50 Session 4

11) , “Tectono-sedimentary basin studies in the northern North Atlantic: Lofoten-Vesterålen, Western Barents Sea and the East Greenland Rift”, A. Rotevatn, G.A. Henstra, T.B. Kristensen, R.L. Gawthorpe, R. Ravnås, W. Helland-Hansen, S.A. Grundvåg, and I. Midtkandal

12) “Potential amplitude pitfalls in shallow reservoirs with complex burial history – an example from Hoop, Barents Sea”, R. Tømmerbakke, T.A. Johansen, and N.E. Bakke

13) “The NW Barents Sea continental margin as a missing puzzle between the famous Svalbard and SW Barents Sea: Cenozoic tectonic style and erosion estimates”, A. Lasabuda, J.S. Laberg, S.-M. Knutsen, and P. Safronova

14) “Faulting and folding associated with the Cenozoic Barents Shear Margin – an (analogue) experimental approach”,  R.H, Gabrielsen, D. Sokoutis, and J.I. Faleide

14:00 – 15:00 ARCEx General Assembly 


15:00 Bus from Malangen to Tromsø

16:15 Arrive Tromsø

Practical information

The conference will take place at Malangen Resort, and is open for members of the ARCEx consortium and invited guests. For an invitation, please contact us with your request.

There is no conference fee for the participants, and bus transportation as well as meals, are provided free of cost.

There will be bus transportation to and from Tromsø, departing at the Department of Geosciences, UiT at 10:00, Tromsø centre/Prostneset at 10:15 and Tromsø airport at 10:30. 

Accommodation costs and travel from elsewhere to Tromsø are covered by the participants.

The accommodation offered is:

  • 2 persons in apartment (2 separate bedrooms) or 3 persons in cabins/rorbu (3 separate bedrooms), kr 806 per person per night.
  • Single hotel room, kr 1988 per person. (NB: Only 8 hotel rooms available).
  • Breakfast is included for all options. All guests will be offered separate bedrooms.

We have reserved hotel rooms for participants until 2 May, and bookings are done via the conference registration page. Bookings after 2 May should be made directly with the hotel, at Last cancellation date: 2 May 2017. Cancellations after this date will be charged. You will pay for the hotel room directly to the hotel on site.

You will upon registration receive an automatic email to confirm your participation to the conference, meals, transport and accommodation. There will not be sent any separate confirmations from the hotel, as our booking is handled as a group reservation. 

If you need to cancel or make any changes to your registration, please send us an email and we will help you.

Malangen Resort is located 70 km south of Tromsø, approx. an hour’s drive from Tromsø. For drinving directions, please click here. 



Prof. Alfred Hanssen, Director ARCEx, mobile +47 452 55 593,

Ellen Ingeborg Hætta, Administrative leader ARCEx, mobile +47 988 01 001,

We look forward to seeing you in May!