ARCEx Annual Report 2017

The ARCEx Annual Report 2017 is an account of the research activities carried out in ARCEx in the past year. The report was submitted to the Research Council April 2018. The full report can be found here.

The annual report includes insights into the state of research of the three research fields, GeologyEnvironment and Technology, as well as the education program within ARCEx. 

This year we have a special focus on the research facilities used by our researchers and students for data collection and validation. The ARCEx research facilities include the UiT’s research vessel Helmer Hanssen; the Arctic Geophysical Laboratory located in Svea in the inner part of Van Mijenfjorden in Svalbard; and the Arctic Geology Field Laboratory, spanning from the northern East Greenland, the northern coastline of Finnmark, and the Svalbard archipelago in the north, including the island of Bjørnøya. 

Throughout the report, you will find several short posts by our team members, including stories from the field, about collaborations with stakeholders, or their projects in general.  

Finally, a huge thanks to all that contributed with ideas, text, and images!