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The Research Centre for Arctic Petroleum Exploration, ARCEx, is a research collaboration between academia and industry with support from the Research Council and Norwegian authorities. Through a common effort, we contribute to the understanding of the geology and resource potential of the high north, we develop new geophysical exploration techniques suitable for the Arctic, and we develop new models for environmental risk connected to operations in the north. Education and training is an integrated part of ARCEx. ARCEx is hosted by UiT The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø.


Ana Sofia Aniceto awarded a VISTA post doctoral position on technology...

PhD Ana Sofia Aniceto was last week awarded the prestigious VISTA post doctoral position on technology development for the environmental sector. Aniceto defended her ARCEx...

About problems signing in to the ARCEx intranet

External users are currently experiencing problems signing in to the ARCEx intranet. We are working on solving this. In the meantime, you may contact us,...


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